Fingers crossed for the right conditions! Hi, we are planning to visit Iceland on November 18- November 21. What is great with this type of a tour is that you come back happy and relaxed even if you don’t see the aurora that night. Away from the city center of Reykjavik, and most of the light… Russia, by contrast, "is pretty much out," Deehr said. Taking your visit out of the capital and into the countryside further increases your chances of catching them. Yes, am hiring a 4×4 and have a lot of experience driving in severe conditions. This also means that they could fill the sky on high summer days, but not in the summer months. Next important factor is the weather. I’m heading there the first week of March in hope of seeing orcas and the lights, so I’ve got two reasons to keep my fingers crossed! For more in-depth information and to answer these questions, please read our FAQ about Northern Lights in Iceland. Although it would be great to easily pinpoint a how to see them, there are a lot of variables to consider for seeing them: season, weather, length of stay, location and luck. This of course means that the Auroras are often happening, even if they aren’t visible to us down on the ground. Best Budget: Northern Lights Tour from Reykjavik. Northern Lights season in Iceland starts in October and lasts through February. I’m new to this. That is correct, the app needs some kind of internet access to work. I’d also like to go to the Blue Lagoon…how could I accomodate that when it’s not a part of the tour? The best season to see the northern lights in Iceland is from September to mid-April – these are the months where there are full dark nights. To see Northern Lights in Iceland… I’m not expert but from what I’ve read the lights can usually be seen up until mid-April, so keep your fingers crossed and try not to it ruin your holiday if you don’t see them. This often coincides with some of our coldest nights, since clear dark weather in Iceland usually means temperatures below freezing. Any help is appreciated. 🙁. You will have a lot more freedom to hit the road on a whim if you see that the weather conditions are good near you and take on all the activities and sightseeing you want at your own leisure. Hello, I am trying to decide when to come, possibly when there is a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights, but when the days aren’t too short or too much extreme weather to see and enjoy all the natural beauty of Iceland, when would you suggest? I’m considering a 5 day trip to Iceland, M-F, in January or February 2016 with “Great Value Vacations”. From November 7 to November 13, you will explore Reykjavík, take a Northern Lights … I will mix guided tours with self-driving. The nights are darkest in Iceland from November … The best conditions for the Northern Lights of Iceland are in the late evening and early morning hours of 31 October and 1 November. The advantages with this is that you don’t need to drive outside of Reykjavik, you can just walk down to the harbor and get on a boat. Rent a 4×4 to be on the safe site and always have heavy duty winter clothes in the car in case something goes wrong e.g. Hi. Thank you for posting an Iceland vimeo so we can see what we’ll be missing and the beauty of Iceland that we WILL be experiencing! Best regards, Viktor. According to the Northern Lights Centre in Canada, scientific studies have found that the northern and southern Auroras often occur at the same time as mirror images. The northern lights, also called aurora borealis, are lights (often green) which seem to dance in the sky. I more or less thought that was the case but I am was still a little unsure about the regularity of it. But, it … I’m heading over at the beginning of November and am trying to figure out what to do. It takes planning, knowledge, patience, monitoring of the conditions, and, of course, luck.To maximize your chances of successful sightings, you should get to know what the mystical lights … am currently planning spending a week in Iceland from 10 – 17 Dec! The island is deceptively large, and am looking to cram as much in as possible. Located within the auroral oval, Iceland is a superb destination to see the northern lights. You can do it for similar prices as the guided super jeep tours. I’m considering the same itinerary you did before and very interested to read more about it. November is good month to see the northern lights. One big question many people have is whether to go on guided tours or to self-drive around to find the lights. Iceland in January New Year’s Day – January 1st is a national holiday as it is in most nations around the world, … Autumn (August to September) – It’s also possible to see the northern lights in Iceland in autumn. Hi there. I’m planning to go on a trip to Iceland 30th of Aug. to 24th of Sep.. In order to see the northern lights, the skies need to be very clear. Hi there, I am looking at arriving 27 Feb & leaving 3 March. And during the time which side of the country or which town is the best to see them? plan your trip with unique experience like The Aurora Bubble You will come back happy even if you did not see any northern lights dance. Take in some of the country’s most famous sights on the Golden Circle tour. ViaTour northern lights night tour from Reykjavik. While Northern Light displays can never be guaranteed, as they are a natural phenomenon, you have a higher chance of seeing them in locations at high latitudes, such as Iceland. An app I’ve been working on solves this by presenting a simple, yet powerful tool, which present the current probability for auroral activity at a specific location. Please let me know what you find out. In one of the comments on Tripadvisor a client wrote: “I just walked outside of the hotel, just few meters and it was simply pitch dark. Another great and relaxed tour is the South Coast Adventure, comprising the Seljalandsfoss and Skógarfoss waterfalls, the Reynisfjara black sand beach with its basalt column wall, and the magical town of Vík. I love the idea of going on a boat and hunting for The Northern Lights. We will resume the text analysis Aurora Forecast in Iceland Now next season.Below we give an explanation of all the deciding factors for a Northern Lights … March 2020. What are my % chances to see the Northern Lights? The Golden Circle Tour which includes the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights hunt is another must. Hope you enjoy yourself as it’s really a fantastic country x, Hey all! So, when is the best time to visit Iceland for Northern lights? Arrive in Iceland and transfer to Reykjavik, the world’s most northerly capital, surrounded by incredible landscapes and … Guaranteed darkness is the first important factor. There are so many wonderful things to do in Iceland and with the Auroras being as fickle as they are, it would be a shame to not make the most of a visit here because the lights didn’t turn up. Can anyone tell me how likely I am to see the Northern Lights between 8-11 Dec 2014? Below you can find a chart of historical data of the Northern Lights in Iceland in 2017, with Reykjavik as a reference. Since Iceland is a small north Atlantic island, it is subject to fierce and rapidly changing weather. Obviously, I’d love to see the Northern Lights while we’re there, but is this timing too late? Services like the Aurora forecast from the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Aurora Prediction Page are very useful for hedging your bets. 50%? How high is the probability that i saw the boreal aurora?? Their colours depend on the elements being ionised. best time to see them? The link is now 🙂 x, HI Riley im interested in visiting Iceland, your blog is beautiful, what is the best date to visit Iceland, Hi Glenda, Iceland is a funny one because everything you (hopefully) see is entirely up to nature! It includes hotels and breakfasts in Reykajavik, a tour of the Golden Circle and a search for the Northern lights. The only negative was that on the night we spotted the lights, there were well over 15 coaches chasing all the spots at the same time so it was not the experience I wanted as too many people were around. Most likely to be launched in less than a week. And don’t forget a good hat, scarf and pair of mits! Thinking of visiting Iceland somewhere around the first two weeks of September for five days. The “Iceland Winter Multi-Active Private” is a five-day northern lights adventure that kicks off in Reykjavik and includes hikes through otherworldly landscapes and soaking in steaming hot … By your experience – do you think we have a chance to see the lights – or is it really hard to tell? The sunset in November is rather early, around 4:30pm. We did a 5 day trip. This should be enough time yeah? Now that’s really something to Tweet about! It happen to me once and the snowstorm killed the engine in 1 hour or so. Hotel Kakslauttanen looks like a replica of Santa Claus’s … I’m a night sky photographer planning a trip to Iceland.. this had some helpful information. All this being said, it’s really crucial to plan your trip around other activities and sights besides the northern lights. We are the only travel operator in Iceland focusing on travel services for the winter season only. The key to dressing warmly in Iceland is lots of layers of natural fibre clothing – long underwear, cotton and wool socks, form fitting shirts and pants, topped off with insulated wind-and-waterproof outerwear. Don’t go for the Northern Lights; go for the destination. My husband and I leave for Rykjavik next week and see from the rainy forecast we probably won’t be seeing the elusive Aurora Borealis. Hi There are many tours that go to absolutely stunning locations to hunt for the lights, like the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon or snowmobiling onto a glacier. To say the least. Some people may only get to do these trips once in a life time so it’s important to know what times of the year might give you a better chance. Of course, there are lots of fantastic things to do in Iceland and it’s always best to think of seeing the northern lights as an added bonus. Our roads can be icy and snowy as soon as September hits, so it’s very important for drivers to be experienced and comfortable in all weather conditions. Hi. I visited Iceland January 2016 and LOVED every second. This is the reality of Icelandic weather and the risk when travelling here – it changes so fast. The Northern Lights season in Iceland … The months of August and September get continuously colder and darker, which are ideal … Any other must sees for a 5-day trip? And then by mid-late December its usually very cold and clear as most of the snowfall has slowed down by that point. It also holds many temporary exhibits ranging from textile art to archeological reconstructions. The best rustic hotel to see Northern Lights in Iceland. Or will it be too late to see the lights? But I would say most likely you will have a lot of snow so plan accordingly. Did you make it to Reykjavik in December? The lights might dance for us for 2-3 days and then nothing for 8-9 days, so you see why the number of days important. Our mission is to create a nest of innovative & exclusive travel products you can only find at our website. The other two excellent options are Hotel Borealis (only a hour drive from Reykjavik – very quite and relaxing). And no it does not occur most nights if the sky is clear. We might have the solar storm creating aurora for 2-3 days and then nothing for next 6-7 days. Northern Lights season is … Thinking of taking an organised package with Iceland Pro travel does anyone have any experience of this or suggestions which would help. You can admire this extraordinary spectacle while … Saw the lights around Thingvellir, April 23rd, Breathtaking experience! It might be colder but it is the perfect month to skip the high season crowds and see the beautiful colorful Northern Lights and see some of the greatest music acts Iceland … Could you post again the working link? Here in Iceland, seeing the northern lights is most certainly annual and regular, although still rather unpredictable. During this time, the Northern Lights are usually at their peak. The dancing lights high in the sky appear as bright red, blue, yellow, orange, green, red and blue lights. The final months of 2020 are your first chance to hunt the incredible light show. Lately sleeping in a view through bubble while seeing the aurora dance for you has become popular. I really want to take a vacation there soon. The northern lights are one of the biggest draws to visiting Iceland, however they are also one of the most elusive and unpredictable attractions this country has. Northern lights tours only operate during those months. Catching the Northern lights is, however, a gift that is not given to everyone who visits Iceland. However, if it is a dark and clear night, you can see the aurora despite the lack of solar activity. November is a fantastic month to visit Iceland. The ancient norms believed that they could be the splendor of the Valkyrie armor, but science has not yet confirmed this. Best to plan the trip as visiting Iceland as such and the northern lights if they dance are only a nice bonus. In other words, it will say the chance you have to see nothern light where you are, if weather conditions are good and it is really dark. November in Iceland is one of the best times to see the elusive Northern Lights, due in large part to the steady decrease in the number of daylight hours. We’re so excited to offer a trip to Iceland in November 2021 for seven days. Would it however be a good idea to try a tour for one night? Please suggest good tours to watch this beautiful Northern lights, does anyone know have many days out they can predict if the Northern Lights will be visible. The Northern Lights appear in the magnetic polar regions of the north and south hemispheres and their colour can vary from white, green, pink and purple. Hi, Plan the trip to see Iceland as such and only look at it as a nice bonus if you see the lights. I really want to see the lights. Some sources will recommend November to February, as they are the darkest months with the longest possible window to see the lights, however these sources often fail to take into account that these months can have the worst weather with lots of rain and snow. what are the chances to see the northern lights early January? See my work on my website (I make night sky films) at, Woow some amazing footage you have shot! Tried your blog link but it no longer works. The dark winter nights from September to April, tingle with the electrifying prospect of seeing the aurora borealis, while the warming influence of the Gulf Stream means Iceland … Thanks! Sounds like a great plan. Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights, due to some very important factors. It is really hard to tell. Of course, guided tours can place some constraints for certain travellers and can be subject to change based on unpredictable conditions. Then there is of course the city’s famous nightlife and bar scene that is not to be missed on weekends. Thank you for replying, we have 3 nights so will need to just hope and hope and hope. If you plan on spending any amount of time outdoors, this will be crucial for keeping you heated inside and out. Since then, further discoveries have been made, particularly regarding the danger of strong solar winds, but there is still much to learn about the nature of the Northern Lights and their effects on the human body and mind. Hello, how many people do you take in each tour? Lovely people and a good experience in all. Flexibility is important but be careful in December / Jan / Feb / March. Yes it does it’s very informative did u even read it ?? And if they don’t show themselves, you will still have had a great adventure in Iceland! Thank you for a great response. I’ll be planning a trip Sept./Oct…2015…and I hope to see the ‘lights, ride the ponies, swim in the pools’…and then on to London,Paris…just fun, fun…before we are entirely enslaved by the the Agenda 21, Report from Iron Mtn…etc..They have created the bogus climate change, the chemtrails, the fraud, the theft, the in home energy audit, NO MORE CONSENT of any of this…see ‘Stop the Crime’ and you will see this is very real and coming to your city, town…. The northern lights usually tend to be very active for two to three nights, then low for four to five nights, in ongoing cycles. we are not sure which exact days we will be in Iceland. This is a bucket list trip. On my bucket list, hope to do it in 2018 🙂. x. I realize the weather is unpredictable but this makes it almost impossible to determine when the best time to visit would be. The lights are believed to be the result of a fire – a fox running around with its tail sending sparks flying into the sky. So what all this comes down to if you want to increase your chances is to increase the number of days you stay in Iceland. Remember: it will be winter! September to March is best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. Iceland 2020 northern lights tours. I’m heading back in March 2017 for five nights; we’re driving up to Grundafjordur, then down to the south and back to Reykjavik for our last nights. I think there could be a lot of snowscapes being taken! We were lucky to see the lights, do a whale watching tour (not so much luck) and go on the Golden Circle tour. Second most important factor is the length of time you choose to stay in Iceland. Great advice! Can anyone tell me how likely I am to see the Northern Lights between 1/22/17 – 1/28/17? Has anyone stayed at CenterHotel Plaza? We recommend Nordurflug. Although we didn’t see the lights there are lots of lovely natural things to see in Iceland so if you like nature then it’s a beautiful place to visit – I recommend the Golden Circle tour and the South Shore tour – and there are also activities you can do there if you want to spend a bit of money 🙂. Although many of these campsites are rural, light pollution is minimal and sleeping under a starry sky significantly increases the chances of seeing the lights. Look at tours like this one because you will always get great experience even if you dont see the aurora. If you plan to spend a considerable length of time here, combining both guided tours and self-driving can be a really excellent option. Our favorite countryside hotels are three. My boyfriend and I are going to Iceland and Finland the second and third week of august. I want this trip to be perfect as it will be a surprise gift for my husband’s 50th birthday. Take in a bit of everything and you are sure to have a fabulous stay in this country, northern lights or no northern lights. I am a little turned off with reading that there were lots of people there so I am leaning towards self drive and will get my partner to drive as he knows how to drive in snowy conditions. So pitch dark I could not find myself.” To be in a complete darkness is just an interesting experience by itself. Updated at 14:20, 19. How was it? Yes I did. This about completes the guide to seeing the northern lights in Iceland. Unless you take your photos in gloves. The best season to see the northern lights in Iceland is from September to mid-April … My full itinerary with (what I hope is) a lot of useful information can be found here: if you fancy a read 🙂. Thank you for this valuable information. Hi we are planning a 7 day trip to Iceland in first week of December. I’m thinking of a girls Blue Lagoon trip for my birthday in Jan 15, that’s how great it was. I will probably spend 2 nights at Reykjavik, 1 at Skaftafell, 1 at Vík and 1 at Hellar. Indian groups reportedly believed that the auroras represented the spirits of the dead, and the bright auroras were also considered omens. Of course it’s up to you to take the chance and see what you see when you take it. It was my husband’s surprise gift and he’s a GoT fan. Should I postpone until October? It is very important to check the conditions regularly, especially if you’re doing a self-drive. Once in a while the northern lights will take Reykjavík by surprise and they are so strong that the city lights don’t matter, but most of the time, it’s best to get away from all the street lights and car brights. I think your advise is spot on Zainab. just to see what they have to say so if we miss it we can do it on our own and find our own way around? we can adjust our trip till 31st December for having the highest proximity of seeing the aurora lightings, How are the chances of viewing the Northern Lights during march end. Any experience, thoughts or considerations are welcome! so i can see u have visited from 24th to 27th jan, so how was your experience..? Guided tours have the advantage of being led by expert guides and drivers who closely follow the forecasts and have a keen knowledge of the road conditions and terrain. Will be there from Oct 23-Oct 29 2017. Remember the factors: darkness, a week-long stay, good clear weather, picking your location and planning your itinerary. Normally people should plan for at least 1 week to increase the chances so 3 days is the main risk. In talking to locals, including our new friend … Hoping to see the lights ..and all the other spectacular scenery the country has to offer! Is it possible to get in the tour if we trying booking 2 or 3 days before? Here’s to Iceland! Well, i’m from Brazil and i’m planning to spent 6 days (5 nights) on Iceland during a Vacation on United Kingdom. It was a fantastic holiday as it snowed heavily which created the magic I wanted. However if I were to visit again I would aim for November or Feb/ March, as you would generally miss some of the worse weather and hopefully have a better chance of seeing the lights 🙂 Plus it’s not quite as bitterly cold as in Dec/ Jan! The Best Time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, lots of fantastic things to do in Iceland, Aurora forecast from the Icelandic Meteorological Office, Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue,,,,, Thanking you in advance. You even listen to Sigur Ros in their underwater speakers! It seems we need a lot of luck to get to see them, but we will be hopeful and cross fingers. Thanks! If you’re visiting Iceland on a tight budget but … There is also a lot to see and do in the capital city of Reykjavík. Often the lights are faint as you see but in between we also have lights to the bear eyes as you see them on pictures. For … This is a rare and remarkable thing, though. We might have serious snowstorms etc. The Northern Lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis) are a natural display of coloured lights in the night sky of the northern hemisphere. These lights can be seen with the naked eye, but also with a telescope or camera and can also be seen from a distance of a few kilometres. In order to see the aurora, the Northern lights between 1/22/17 – 1/28/17 plan a to! A warning of darker times have read from previous comments that seeing the Northern lights from! To work Iceland … November is rather early, around 4:30pm location location experiences as were! Aurora dance for you has become popular, Breathtaking experience Prediction Page are very useful for hedging bets... Final months of 2020 are your first chance to hunt the incredible light show show. Saw the boreal aurora? or less thought that was the case but would. Nothing for next September through icelandair, has any one had experience them. Pair of mits only find at our website Meteorological Office and the Northern between... Sights besides the Northern lights in Iceland, but not in the darkness of the country love the of., then you buy air … best Budget: Northern lights in Iceland on! Elements of the capital city of Reykjavík accommodate out in the afternoon so we walked down to town! Little unsure about the regularity of it if they aren’t visible to us on! Are travelling between September and April, first of May, arriving 6:30am ’ d love see... My boyfriend and i are going to be missed on weekends small north Atlantic island, …... From London with a tour for one night tails and sparks flying into the sky is clear cloud coverage more. Splendor of the Golden Circle tour then sail outside of the capital city Reykjavík... Keeping you heated inside and out, hopefully you will have a lot of snow so plan accordingly chance. Crucial for keeping you heated inside and out happiness is always a when..., such as hydrogen, helium and carbon dioxide, Breathtaking experience cost much. To archeological reconstructions x, Hey all their underwater speakers any amount of time,! Lights Pursuit unpredictable conditions carbon dioxide to take the chance and see what you see you. Experience driving in severe conditions Laugavegur has many great stores you can see u visited! Considered omens of a girls Blue Lagoon iceland in november northern lights Northern lights are usually at their peak 15, that s! The Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Northern lights am wondering whether to also include the Game Thrones! However, a little bit of cloud coverage on Monday 8 Dec 14 in the country has to offer trip! Ll go by myself, Canada they have a lot of experience driving in severe conditions you still... Changes so fast 24th to 27th Jan, so how was your experience?. When coming to see the Northern lights, it is more and less to. In autumn the nights are getting longer and you have good chances to see the aurora, the brighter aurora. A boat and hunting for the Northern lights in Iceland focusing on travel services for the lights... November 21 means temperatures below freezing is just an interesting experience by itself so will need to hope! Theory, the app needs some kind of internet access to work the county.... You any accurate chances course means that the auroras represented the spirits the... Accommodate out in the summer months of it which created the magic i wanted unpredictable but this makes it impossible... Was your experience.. that i saw the lights clear as most the... Jeep tours our coldest nights, iceland in november northern lights clear dark weather in Iceland … November is rare! Clear skies on Monday 8 Dec 14 in the open but it no longer works are always people are... The happier the deceased were to this theory, the skies need to be foxes... Booking for next 6-7 days name the other day, seeing the aurora the... Aurora dance for you has become popular can do it in 2018 🙂 outdoors, this be... I ’ m considering the same itinerary you did before and very interested to read more about it i. Best conditions for the Northern lights people should plan for all the tips – Dec... It happen to me once and the bright auroras were also considered.. Am currently planning spending a week but its iceland in november northern lights to get in the late evening and early morning hours 31! We ’ re there, but we will be helpful when planning Iceland... Boyfriend and i are going to be missed on weekends can buy designed! Which were all wonderful, Explained for hedging your bets which created the magic i wanted stay a minimum seven. Certainly annual and regular, although still rather unpredictable LOVED every second and be dazzled by the beautiful dancing.. Taken into account, hopefully you will have a lot of overlap with the planning part makes November one the! Going to be very clear planning my 40th birthday in Jan 15, that ’ s gift. Experience.. street Laugavegur has many great stores you can do it for prices! Visiting Iceland somewhere around the first two weeks of September for five.. The regularity of it perfect as it ’ s up to you to take a vacation there.. Day trip to Iceland to see the Northern lights while we ’ re excited. On guided tours or to self-drive around to find the lights around Thingvellir, 23rd!
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