The plants poke through the bars and reach for the sun. You can find a mix of indoor and outdoor ideas to brighten your home or garden. Succulents are also quite easy to care for and some produce flowers which look lovely. The plant hanging over the edge is a great look for a deck or patio. An old, distressed wrought iron birdcage is the perfect hanging planter to stuff full of floral-shaped succulents. ... A variety of succulents planted in and around old stump planter. 17. Succulent Eggshell Centerpiece. Dinosaur Succulent Planter. Wine Planter. They can be hanged vertically or stand on their own. Outdoor Succulent Centerpiece. Its shallow depth and drainage hole make it the perfect choice for succulent gardening. via Crafts n Coffee. Succulent Letter Planter Initial Monogram Planter 12 inch to 22 inch FREE SHIPPING Indoor Outdoor Vertical Planter. Standing water in a container can kill a succulent. 16. 5 Awesome Outdoor Succulent Planter Design Ideas You Have Must See The planter design for this succulent is very beautiful and unique for you to try to copy. Succulent garden with light pebbles in bird bath planter. 24 DIY Succulent Planter Ideas for Your Home or Patio. via Etsy and Billabong. Indoor or Outdoor Planter Pots that are each suspended between 2 lines of Faux Leather Rope. Vertical Succulent Garden Project At a hefty 16 pounds, it’s virtually tip-proof. apartmenttherapy. Outdoor planter,indoor planter, vertical planter,hanging planter,wood planter, wooden planter,wall planter,floating planter,herb planter These planters are made of 100% HT pallet wood. These ideas will help you create an extremely beautiful and decorative succulent garden. Succulent garden design is appropriate for warm, temperate and even cold season locations. This planter will give a beautiful succulent garden that you could decorate both your indoor and outdoor with. Planting and maintaining a succulent container garden is easy. Key Features: Cast stone DIY Seashell Succulent Planter. Arrangement of multi-colored miniature succulents in wood planter. An old clock was transformed in a way you could never expect–A succulent planter. Campania International Celine Planter. May 9, 2020 - Explore veronica lemus's board "Succulent Wall Planter" on Pinterest. 15. In cold climates, it is not always possible to have a succulent garden outside, but you can grow them indoors in containers. Birdcage Succulent Via Gardentherapy. The framed rectangle or square garden is probably the most popular vertical succulent garden type. Aug 2, 2020 - Explore Megha's board "Indoor succulent planter" on Pinterest. ... Succulent Garden Chair Planter- Use chicken wire and moss to hold your plant and break the cushion of the old chair and out this moss inside it. Truck Succulent Planter. Cinder block kitchen. Includes drainage holes, which makes it Ideal for live potted plants, such as Cactus, Succulents, and Herbs, yet can also be used to hold other decorative items from around your home. Ok, you probably have already figured out that we have an undying love for succulents. Just make sure your pot has good drainage, which might mean drilling holes in the bottom. Today is my last project on the Walnut Hollow blog. 13. Make this easy hanging succulent planter with a tray or shallow pot, succulents, threads, and candles. See more ideas about succulents, succulent outdoor, plants. Shoe Planter Via Themicrogardener November 2, 2019 Benjamin Leahy Leave a Comment. First, make a hole that fits your plant on top of the dinosaur. Birdcages can be turned into beautiful succulent holders. Rectangular Wooden Window Box Garden Planter Trough - 22.5 x 8.4 x 4.1cm Plant Container Box, Indoor/Outdoor Natural Rectangle Storage Box Planter Succulent Flower Plant Moss Container Box (2PCS) 2.2 out of 5 stars 14 You can hang this planter on the wall, or you can lean it up against something to create a more unique look. Converting an unusual object into a planter is a great way to show off succulents. Outdoor Succulent Wall Accent. 13 Outdoor Succulent Wall Garden Ideas . via BHG Gardens. Besides, all these planter ideas are inexpensive and easy to duplicate. This planter is a wine bottle that has been redesigned into a space that is perfect for a smaller succulent. Previous Next. Helen. Gorgeous Designs and Ideas For Your Very Own Succulent Garden. You need a pliant dinosaur toy with at least 24 centimeters of length, drill, utility knife, and small rocks. 14. May 8, 2016 by Idea Stand 7 Comments. This wall planter style is generally easy to plant and is a fun play on the typical picture frame wall display 12. Thoroughly wash driftwood, then plant your favorite succulents into it to recreate this decorative driftwood … Garden therapy explains, in detail, the procedure of making your own birdcage succulent planter using basket liner, succulent soil, succulents and birdcage. Dinosaur succulent planter is a great DIY project for parents and kids. To make it, just plant the succulents in a tray that has holes on sides to hang (or drill a few holes). No matter how small or big planter you want to use, the ideas shown above can be altered, and you can create your unique outdoor succulent garden or indoor cacti decoration. Mannequin Head Succulent Planter . 12. Working with succulents is very refreshing and a lot of times very rewarding because they look great and they come in lots of different varieties. Aug 31, 2018 - Any design idea that uses succulents in a unique way. A simple terracotta bowl or the drainage dish from a large planter can serve as a simple and sweet dish for a succulent centerpiece. ... We can design our container boxes with ornaments like designer stones, mosses and some succulent greenery that could compliment the primary plants that we put on the planter box. We all know how easy it's to maintain life in succulents. Recycle and reuse. Actually, we … Cinder block firepit. Apr 24, 2020 - Explore Donna Wyers's board "Succulent outdoor" on Pinterest. 31 Beautiful Outdoor Succulent Planter Ideas. 19. We’ve had succulents around just about all my life but in the last couple of years I’ve been propagating them so I have TONS of extras around. Colorful cinder block planters. See more ideas about Succulent wall planter, Succulent wall, Outdoor gardens. Learn a little about how to plan an outdoor succulent garden and bring some fun shapes and textures to your landscape. Learn more about the project on this Norwegian site here. They are one of the gardening’s hottest trends for 2015 after all. seattletimes. DIY Succulent Moss Ball. Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas Large rocky cacti garden surrounded by palm trees. Cinder block wall art. 15. littleinspiration. In DIY, Gardening, Home. Making a DIY succulent planter is a fun project and my favorite part is that it can be made in any vessel you have on hand. The Celine Cast Stone Planter by Campania International is a durable, low-profile style made of concrete that has been texturized to resemble stone. Creative Indoor And Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas 2017 Succulents are definitely popular and trendy in gardening and decor at the moment. Where this planter is actually a park bench leg made of cinder blocks. Backyard cinder block BBQ grill. These are the most Unique and Creative Succulent Planter Ideas. The key is to select the right container, soil, and plants. Cinder block bar. See more ideas about Indoor succulent planter, Garden design, Succulent planter. Cinder block planter with flower pots. Source: Ideas 2 Live 4 .   Choosing containers: Succulent roots can thrive in a shallow, wide container. Make another hole with tiny size on the bottom for drainage. Outdoor Succulent Ideas 11. We've gathered a lot fo cool ideas showing how you can create indoor and outdoor succulent gardens. 20 DIY Indoor And Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas [Instructions] DIY Indoor And Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas – Interior Design with Succulent Garden Planter Designs and Display Ideas Decorating our interior and even outdoor with natural elements plays important role for modern home design. Top 15+ Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas On Budget. Succulent Wine Bottle Planters ... DIY Living Succulent Picture Frame. Roundup Today I’m sharing some of my own DIY succulent planter ideas as well as a collection of some other beautiful DIY succulent planter ideas to inspire your next outdoor project. Dalla Vita Vertical Circle Tut.. 13 Outdoor Succulent Wall Garden Ideas. via sugarandcloth. Hang the tray with the help of threads. DIY Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece. In fact, everyone loves the little plants right now, even the people who usually don’t tend to like gardening or t… 12. Cinder block succulent wall. DIY Indoor Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas Projects and Instructions: Interior Design with Succulent Garden Planter Designs and Display Ideas 1. Learn about 9 creative and super easy to make DIY Succulent Driftwood Planter Ideas available with the tutorials in this post! 15. I created this fun hexagon succulent planter for them from one of their wood products. There’s something about succulents, probably their low-maintenance quality, the beauty they flaunt and how easily they can be planted into even the tiniest of pots that makes them an ever successful choice when it comes to whipping up DIY planters. Here are some planter designs for your succulent plants. 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