If you’re new to Carolina rigs, in this short post we will cover how to set up a Carolina rig for redfish, and how to fish them properly to catch more fish. Traditional rigs often sink into soft bottom, diminishing their scent trails. It is very simple, strong and sensitive. Catching catfish with live bluegill on a carolina rig can be extremely effective if fishing just one spot because it’ll get the bait to the bottom and allow the live bluegill to swim around relatively freely – attracting the attention of any big catfish lurking nearby. Carolina rig uses a swivel with mainline and sinker attached to one end with the bait and hooks attached to the rest. You'll need: bullet sinker glass bead barrel swivel offset hook line You May Also Like Tying a Palomar Knot Play Tying a Texas Rig Play . This is the most important part of the rig. Carolina rigs are cheap to make, very easy to tie (since you don’t have to know any complex knots) and they work great on a wide variety of fish. It’s commonly referred to as the “Santee Rig” for short by many anglers. Carolina Rig. The most common catfish rig used on Lake Tawakoni. Rig 6 Xtra Heavy Float: Brutus 9'10" match rod, Thunderspin 5500 reel, 35lb fluoro. 3 product ratings 3 product ratings - Gamakatsu Circle Hook Catfish Rig (2-Pack) (Select Hook Size) C $6.77. This special rig allows you to methodically probe deep, offshore structure while presenting your bait in an incredibly lifelike manner. To one of the remaining two eyes, attach a short 12-18 inch piece of line and then secure a ½ to 2 ounce donut sinker (depending on depth and current). They put up a fight, are fun to catch and taste great. Carolina Catfish Rigs. The rig is simply that good. However, it is not that complicated (check this article out at Wikihow). You will see some form of the carolina rig being used to catch almost every type of fish alive. Getting the best catfish rig for lakes plays a big part when it comes to success in fishing. When catfishing from the bank you need to find a spot that is likely to hold fish if you are going to have success. Source: DiscoverCatfishing.com. Aug 2, 2018 - Catfishing is growing in popularity. 3 Pack Carolina Drum Rig Rigs Redfish Rig Catfish [80lb Fluorocarbon - 8/0 VMC Circle Hook] 3oz Weight. This catfish rig is what I use to catch most of my catfish. Sharpness is everything as catfish have very tough mouths so I still hand sharpen every hook when cat fishing.. My hook link of choice is Kryston’s 45lb Quicksilver (it’s actually designed as a … Not just for catfish, but for all types of fishing. What’s lagged behind is technique awareness, as far too many people still think that the only way to catfish is to slap a big split shot on the line and let it sit on the bottom. However, many amateurs find it to be too complicated to use on their recreational fishing excursions, and so they tend to go with more simple lures. This rigging gained the name “Santee Rig” due to it’s popularity with catfish anglers on the famous Santee Cooper catfish lakes in the Carolina… It’s commonly referred to as the “Santee Rig” for short by many anglers. The number of anglers that are interested in catfishing is growing, something evidenced by the absolute boom in the amount of gear on the marketplace designed specifically for kitty chasers, even with a Catfish Mystery Tackle Box. It shares some similarity to the Texas Rig in the way that the actual worm is rigged, but that’s about it. This is one of the most reliable catfish rigs, which is also referred to as the slip sinker rig. $19.99 $ 19. (Same as float setup, 2 ticks down from max drag) Edited November 7, 2017 by X-xH3aDxS4o7x-X. All species of catfish can be caught with this rig. Major manufacturers are now making rods and reels specifically for catfish, and there are even regular catfish tournaments across the country. I caught blues many times on the hooks which were tied at ~3-4 feet above the sinker. The carolina rig is a simple, yet ingenious, rig. The established with a swivel-head-weight mix lets the bait rest correctly without relocating. Dragging a rig around all day doesn’t sound like much fun — … The Carolina Rig might be of the most versatile rigs that has ever hit the fishing scene. Aug 6, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Outdoor Activities Guy. All species of catfish can be caught with this rig. ... worms, or another specified catfish bait. There is no other rig more effective than the Carolina Rig and every angler should have it in their tackle box. It can be used with a number of soft plastic baits, like worms, craws or tubes. Most catfish, especially flatheads, will use structure as cover. These are the two best catfishing rigs for bank fishing. Source: DiscoverCatfishing.com CatMaxx Circle Hooks. We used to use rig up with both Carolina rigs and bobbers. To the last eye, tie another 2-4 foot piece of line, and then your hook. Carolina Rig; With the different variables in mind, you should know about the top rigs before you go after the catfish. Shop with confidence on eBay! Your choice depends on several variables, such … 12 Best Catfish Rigs For Any Situation Read More » Consider how each rig works and when you should use it and then apply those to your situation. Anglers will rarely use the term Carolina rig in catfish fishing. The Carolina rig is a tried and true bait rig that can work great whether you are fishing natural bait or artificial lures. Though dragging your Carolina rig may not be the most exciting way to catch fish, the setup is very effective for catching a variety of fish from bass, catfish, walleye, trout, and much more. It is a basic Carolina rig, but the specialized part is what goes on the hook. This rigging gained the name “Santee Rig” due to it’s popularity with catfish anglers on the famous Santee Cooper catfish lakes in the Carolina… A carolina rig is an extremely effective catfishing rig when fishing in just about any body of water. The Carolina Rig is one of the most used fishing rigs by professional sport fisherman as well as amateurs. Unlike Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs utilize a leader to keep the weight fixed a set distance from the worm. This will float the bait up off the bottom just enough to attract curious cats. A tutorial on when and how to tie the Carolina Rig, a rig where the weight is fixed above the hook. The catfish rigs already discussed have focused on larger blue and or flathead catfish. One difference between this rig and the carolina rig is that a bobber/floating rig for catfish will cover a lot of water – which if you don’t know exactly where to fish will increase your chances of finding fertile fishing ground. What’s The Best Time Of Day To Catch Catfish? A Carolina rig is a bass fishing basic. Davis uses multiple rods to cover several areas and experiment with different baits. Catfish scavenge from both the bottom and up in the water column. To the remaining swivel eye, tie an 18-36 inch leader and a hook like the Mudville Castmaster Dough Bait Treble Hook. For me, a slip bobber is the best indicator even for Carolina or Santee rigs. These worms are naturally buoyant and and have an awesome fluttering action as they fall to the bottom. C $17.99 shipping. To rig, slide on a ½ to 2 ounce bell or casting sinker like the, Catfish often cruise muddy, or muck bottoms in search of their meals. For anyone that is new to fishing, take a look around at what most guys fish with. Carolina Rig Restrictions. This article will mainly focus on river fishing but these bank fishing catfish rigs are effective on any body of water. While I have no doubt it would work well while anchor fishing for catfish, when I saw it, I immediately thought about the benefits it would have over the traditional carolina rig … Our catfish cooks up white and flaky, with a firm texture that works well in any fish recipe. Structure can be anything from large boulders to submerged tree limbs. Next, you’ll tie on a barrel swivel and to that you’ll attach about a two foot leader. And if you are an amateur catfish fisherman, I suggest that you learn the basics with this rig which is designed for both professionals and beginners. Simple and effective just how we like it! We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! your own Pins on Pinterest Choosing the right kind of rig for the catfish you are after can be difficult, though. You can tie a carolina rig by first sliding a weight onto your main line. To rig it, just rig up a Carolina rig, but then add a 1 or 2 inch inline cigar float to the Carlisle Pole Float leader before you tie on the hook. Most anglers don’t have access to a boat and may feel at a disadvantage because of it. In this rig setup, the weight is located on a distance after the bait, which allow the bait to perform a great action while slowly sinking. It doesn’t matter if you are using the best catfish rig or bait; if there aren’t catfish in the area you won’t be catching anything. When it comes to fishing, the Carolina rigs bass love are why anglers use them so much. Here are 3 classic catfish rigs to help you reel them in! For anyone that is new to fishing, take a look around at what most guys fish with. This means that if a catfish takes your bait it won’t feel any tension because the fishing line will pass smoothly through the weight – this will result in more hook ups because it’ll seem more natural to the catfish. A floating rig prevents that by getting the bait up off the bottom a couple inches for maximum visibility.
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